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Coming Out - Travel Tryptych



“Coming Out - Travel Triptych” is inspired by a classic format of sacred art for altar painting: the triptych. An easily portable format, very popular for praying while traveling.

In this case, the person traveling is the LGBTQ+ activist and the semantics and religious iconography leave room for what is sacred for the LGBTQ+ community: the right of expression and the freedom to love. The work is a travel icon that reminds us of the goal to fight for.

When closed, the object features an austere decoration of white lines on a black background.

Once opened it explodes into colorful graphics featuring two "kisses in movement" - a symbol of love and expression - and the text "out & proud".

“Coming Out - Travel Triptych” is a metaphorical object, an icon which with its “openness” represents coming out, a powerful moment and a sort of ritual for every individual belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

The triptych was originally designed for Alexander Voronov, the exiled president of "Coming Out Russia", and donated to him by the artist on the main stage of Milano Pride 2022.



Inlay of hand painted wood tiles
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