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Banana Tiama 1.0



Banana Tiama is a new type of banana: a queer, urban and zero km banana, inedible and non-perishable.
With its multiple liveries it is the Milanese answer to the bananas of the large multinationals, all the same and rigorously monochrome, a hymn to chromatic and artistic but also ethnic, social, aesthetic and gender biodiversity.
Metaphor of the ideal society in which everyone in their uniqueness can feel welcomed and celebrated.
Banana Tiama is an antidote against vulgarity and gender violence.
With the artistic intervention, the object symbol of male sexuality undergoes an apparently superficial mutation, but which in reality profoundly alters its identity.
These metropolitan non-fruits propose a cheerful disguise of reality, they do not exclude the symbolic meaning, but purify it of any vulgar connotation.
They look at each other with a smile, they are not consumed, they are forever.



Plastic Sculptures
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