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Hello, I'm Federica Sutti but you can call me Fè.

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My Latest Artworks


Il Nostro Pane Quotidiano

"We are what we eat, we are what we used, we are water, we are flour and we are plastics"

Installation of bread sculptures obtained with the traditional sourdough bread recipe mixed with micro and macro plastics. 

Take Away
Have An Ice Day

"Our planet doesn't have a free-refill policy. "

Partial epoxy resin inclusion  of a sculpture digitally modeled and 3D printed in resin

Asset 3.png
Habitat 83-102.jpg
Pride Flag


"United embraces any potential boycott, transforming into a social experiment that mirrors the ebb and flow between allied and non-allied forces." 

Relational Artwork, filing cabinet  

About Me

I'm an Italian queer female artist based in Milan, Italy. My art explores the contemporary complexity of society and the themes I'm dealing with range from civil rights, to anthropocentrism to the digitalisation of self.

Brands I've worked with

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