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Take Away - Have An Ice Day



"Take Away - Have an Ice Day," represents climate change and anthropocentrism by synthesizing them through a visual metaphor. The title itself plays with the words: “Take away”, which means both “to take away” and “to deprive”. The disposable takeaway glass, an icon of consumer culture, contains an asset that could be taken away from future generations. The iceberg inside is a warning that the celebration of abundance could soon come to an end. The planet does not have a free-refill policy.

Each glass was used and recovered from the waste at the Starbucks point in Central Station in Milan and bears the name of the consumer, scrupulously noted by hand by the employee. The name imprinted on the glass acts as a personal invitation to reflect and take responsibility.



Epoxy resin partial inclusion of sculpture digitally modeled and 3D printed with resin with SLA LCD technology painted with mixed media. Each glass-iceberg is associated with a blueprint in A4 format. Unique Pieces
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