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Il Nostro Pane Quotidiano | Our Daily Bread

Project Type

Sculpture | Conceptual Art


March 2023

The work transcends our everyday world and forces us to reflect on the union between humanity and plastic material. A material that is both a symbol of human ingenuity and of the equally human lack of ability to manage innovations and predict their consequences.

The ubiquity of plastics, combined with inefficient management and a non-circular vision, has caused a plague of waste to invade our environment, from our seas to the atmosphere, from soil to the organisms themselves.

Our Daily Bread is a work that stands out for its objectivity. It draws inspiration from the belief that our food is the result of humanity's actions and inactions. This bread represents the food we contribute to create and now incorporate into ourselves. In this creation, we become what we eat and at the same time what we used, embodying water, flour and, inevitably, plastic.

The work "Our Daily Bread" is composed by several breads in a variety of shapes, flour and plastic mixture. It is created through a refined and ancient technical process: the mixture of flour, plastic waste and sourdough is left to rise for 48 hours. It is then cooked, cut, dried and subsequently injected with resin for conservation. It is available both as framed slices and as loaves cut into a variety of configurations.

"Our Daily Bread " is a work that invites us to reflect on the complex interaction between humanity and its "indelible" waste, challenging us to examine our impact on the environment and on our very being through a sensorial and visual experience. A reflection on our contemporary existence, imbued with plastic, but also imbued with the potential for understanding and transformation.

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