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Relational Art Installation | Sculpture


October 2023


150 x 90 x 5 cm

"United" is conceived as a relational artwork deeply rooted in the artist's exploration around the theme of civil rights of minorities.
Interaction with the audience unfolds through a filing cabinet comprising 132 slots: by inserting a €5 banknote, participants acquire a limited edition piece that encourages active involvement in the pursuit of equal rights. The banknotes, progressively painted by the artist, are subsequently repositioned in the filing cabinet to form an evocative rainbow flag.
Through the use of color, banknotes become an integral part of a visual kaleidoscope that reflects human diversity. Reinserting them into the filing cabinet is not just a physical gesture, but a symbolic act of union, in which the individual parts merge to create a harmonious whole.
"United" also embraces any potential boycott, transforming into a social experiment that mirrors the ebb and flow between allied and non-allied forces. The work is itinerant until the slots will be full, and thus the rainbow flag will be completed.
"United" was created for the exhibition "The Space Between Us," curated by Artists for Pride and the cultural association In Habitat, premiering during the Verona Art Week 2023.

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